My name is Kayla Henderson. I am 14 years old. All you need to know is that I am a big die-hard fan of the Riders. Also all this info on this website is reliable as I got it from reliable sources. Enjoy!
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For the Rider Nation!


Why they're important

Why the Riders are important to society...

The Rough Riders have many interesting aspects to it’s history, as you can see in my Did You Know…? section. Most of all, they have enriched Saskatchewan culture. In my opinion, they have made Saskatchewan a better place. The amount of fanatic and loyal fans here is astounding. Even though our province is probably the least populated in all the CFL provinces, we still have the best fan base. No matter how many times the Riders loose, or how many times they disappoint us, we will still stand by them. And that’s what makes us the best. I believe that the Riders have united the people of Saskatchewan for the better. Even if you have nothing in common with the person sitting beside you in the stands, you have one common love; the Riders. Meeting new people, viewing different cultures, being part of something big, is just the few of the advantages of being a Rough Rider fan. Even if you don’t like football, one game at Mosaic stadium is guaranteed to be one of the most invigorating experiences of you life. So, what I'm trying to say is the Riders are important to Saskatchewan. They're what keeps Saskatchewan sane after their long work weeks. And when you are there at Mosaic stadium, cheering the Riders on, you don't have a worry in the world. The Riders are the oil to Alberta, maple syrup to Quebec, and potato chips to P.E.I. We just fit together, like a puzzle. They unite us, for the better.
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