My name is Kayla Henderson. I am 14 years old. All you need to know is that I am a big die-hard fan of the Riders. Also all this info on this website is reliable as I got it from reliable sources. Enjoy!
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For the Rider Nation!


The impact...

The impact the Riders have on us...

The Saskatchewan Riders should be important to our society because of the way they have brought together the Saskatchewan people. When you are at a game, you feel like you know everyone screaming around you and you meet new people. We have also worked for an awesome reputation all over Canada, as the Rider fans that are loyal, and who never stop. Seeing how much the Riders have had so much of an impact on us over the years, you can see they are not only a football team. No, there is too much heart for that. Besides the Rider’s having a great effect on us socially, they have also affected us economically. An interesting tidbit I have is that after the 2007 Grey Cup win the Rider organization sold 6 million dollars worth of merchandise! A hefty amount seeing as there is only approx. 1 million citizens in Saskatchewan. Besides that, they have also brought a great deal of jobs here, and brought many people to Regina. Regina especially has been affected by the Riders. When it’s game day a lot of the local businesses and stores strive, not to mention hotels. If the Rider organization ever had to close down the Rider Nation would not be the only ones to be devasted. The Riders haven't really had an influence on Saskatchewan politically. Though if anyone from the organization tried to run for premier they would win, hands down, because they are so popular to Saskatchewan. So, my bottom line is that I think the Riders are an asset to the SK culture. I mean, could you really imagine living in Saskatchewan, without the Riders?
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