My name is Kayla Henderson. I am 14 years old. All you need to know is that I am a big die-hard fan of the Riders. Also all this info on this website is reliable as I got it from reliable sources. Enjoy!
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For the Rider Nation!


My interest and how I researched it...

My interest in this topic and how I researched it...

I became “interested” in the Saskatchewan Rough Riders when I was ten years old. I became a crazy fan when I was eleven. Though there are a lot more crazy fans out there who aren’t afraid to show it. They show up to a game shirtless, covered top to bottom in paint, have rider capes, and watermelons on their head. I love the Riders, but you wouldn’t catch me dead in that. Well…maybe the watermelon. All throughout Canada the fans here have a reputation of being a little nutty. Here in Saskatchewan though we like to translate that to loyal and devoted. There is no better team in all of Canada than the Riders. There is no other team I would rather support, as for I am sure applies for thousands of others. Sure, the Riders may not be the greatest team in the world, but it’s doesn’t matter. The fans will come out and cheer them on any time. I’m sure anyone would admit that Rider Nation is the most devoted. Hek, we even have a name for our huge fan basis! The Riders here are like a religious symbol to us, and we’ll be true to them through and through. There seems to be so much more of an emotional connection between the Riders and the fans in Saskatchewan than any other province in Canada. There is just so much heart. The deep-rooted history between the Riders and the fans has created a long lasting loyalty. Reading all this, you probably agree with the majority of Canada, we are a little crazed. But before you jump to any more assumptions think about it like this: You are at a sold out Grey Cup Game. It’s not at Regina but still there is a sea of Rider Green all around you. There are thousands of Rider fans, cheering and screaming when the opposing team is hutting the ball. You can hardly hear yourself think. Then, in the last seconds of the game, it’s dead silent. People are biting their fingernails in anticipation as the kicker gets ready to kick for the field goal. He makes it! The Riders take home the Grey Cup!The stadium erupts in cheers. You see two strangers hugging and cheering. You see fans running across the field jumping and yelling in triumph while being dragged off by security. You turn to your side and see a middle aged man sniffling, tears running down his face, murmuring that it’s a miracle. And that’s exactly what it is. The Riders are a miracle to Saskatchewan. A way that Saskatchewanians can connect and unite. Now you can see that while we can come off cuckoo, it’s just because we care so much for this team. And ending on that note, with this website, I wanted to pay tribute to the Riders and the fans and tell people why they should take care about the Riders.
I researched this topic mainly on the internet. Surprisingly there were many reliable resources. I wasn’t expecting much, seeing how the Riders are just a little CFL team in one small province, but there were many. I also used two books from the library that offered valuable insight. The author in those local printed books really captured the love and dedication fans have for the Riders, and really confirmed the inevitable. To the fans, the Riders aren’t just some football team. They’re family. All these sources are listed in my bibliography tab.
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